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.-----.__________________________.--'---|   ___.--.__________.--._
================================'   -----   \  ______.------'-----`-----.____
`------------------------._____.--------'   `-[]___]===========================
              _____    _.-|   |---.__          |=========|  `-----'
           .-|||   `--'---|___|------`--------'----------|
           '--------------------._        ___.-------._ /

My Projects

Declaration-class Starship Declaration-class Speculation

Speculation (fairly well grounded, IMHO) on a class of starships predating the TOS-era.

Yet Another Star Trek vs. Star Wars Story

Set during the first Borg Invasion ("Best of Both Worlds" [TNG]) and the Battle of Endor (Star Wars: Return of the Jedi). NOT DONE. The nicest compliment I've gotten is that a reader could tell who all of the characters were just by the dialogue.

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