News Service

Regina/Regina (0310 A788899-A) 097-1105

Officials of the General Shipyards on Regina announced that it has completed negotiations with Tukera Lines to locally manufacture L-Hyd drop tanks for use on high-capacity commercial vessels. General will assemble components at its more modern facilities on Pixie (0303-A1001030-D). The first production examples are expected to be available within six months, at which time Tukera Lines will begin high capacity service from the interior. Component assembly will be carried out at General's more modern facilities on Pixie (0303-A100103-D).

L-Hyd drop ships have only been in service for the last dozen years in the interior, being made possible by recent advances in the field of capacitor engineering, a joint press release explained. Commercial vessels equipped with the new generation of long-storage jump capacitors carry jump fuel in specially designed L-Hyd drop tanks in excess of their rated tonnage. Upon conversion of the fuel to the massive energy required for jump, the drop tanks are explosively jettisoned through the use of break-away connections and explosive bolts. Jump is executed when the remains of the tanks are a safe distance from the vessel.

A spokesman for General Shipyards explained that local yards are not yet capable of manufacturing the long-storage capacitors required for the process, but that production of the drop tanks is possible, thus allowing the high capacity starships of the Tukera Lines to begin service to the Regina subsector.

L-Hyd tanks are not reusable, and thus increase the absolute cost per jump. However, experience has shown that the increase in cargo tonnage resulting from the elimination of internal J-fuel storage more than makes up for this, the press release explained.

The joint press release concluded by stating that local manufacture of L-Hyd drop tanks marks the dawn of a new era of commerce and prosperity in the Regina subsector. Following the announcement, common stock in Oberlindes Lines plummeted 27 points on the Regina exchange before trading was suspended. Officials of Oberlindes Lines were not available for comment.

Regina/Regina (0310 A788899-A) 101-1105

Close on the heels of the joint announcement by General Shipyards and Tukera Lines that L-Hyd drop tanks would soon be manufactured in the Regina subsector, came word by express boat from the Imperial core that a decision has been made to deploy Jump-6 L-Hyd drop tank express boats on all major express routes. Initial feasibility studies indicate that such a system could average jump-5.5 per week by executing maximum jumps, and leaving current xboats to disseminate information between the new major relay points. The system is expected to cut communication time to the Imperial hub to under 25 weeks. The Initial System Deployment Schedule indicates that the Regina subsector can expect to be fully integrated into the network within a decade.

Regina/Regina (0310 A788899-A) 201-1105

Last night a series of explosions ripped through Vehicle Assembly Building № 3 of the General Shipyards facility on Pixie. Both company and military investigators on the scene report that the damage was almost certainly the work of saboteurs.

General Shipyard's Vehicle Assembly Building № 3 housed the main assembly line for the production of L-Hyd drop tanks. The L-Hyd drop tank project, undertaken in conjunction with the Tukera Line (of Vland/Vland), is expected to open up the Regina subsector to high capacity commercial access from the interior. A spokesperson for the company reported that the explosions probably set the project back by at least three months.

Imperial Navy Commander Lobeck hault-Donosev, the naval system liaison officer on the L-Hyd project, high General Shipyards press secretary Harcord Haveln discounted any political motives for the sabotage. "There are commercial concerns in the subsector", he said, "who place their own self-interest above that of the population as a whole." When pressed to explain, he refused to elaborate. The naval liaison officer to the L-Hyd project, announced that Naval Counter-Intelligence was exploring the possibility that the sabotage was the work of Ine Givar terrorists. Ine Givar activity in the Regina subsector has thus far been limited to scattered and ineffective strikes on Efate and Feri, but that this incident "definitely bore their signature," he explained.

The public affairs officer of the Pixie office for Naval Counter-Intelligence refused an interview later in the day, but issued a press release disavowing any responsibility for the remarks of Commander hault-Donosev and stating that the NCI had no evidence whatsoever of Ine Givar activity on Efate, Feri, or Forboldn.

Regina/Regina (0310 A788899-A) 224-1105

General Shipyards has reported 276 confirmed break-ins of its scrapyard at Regina during the last six months and is considering instituting a "take a number" system.

Pixie/Regina (0303 A100103-D) 241-1105

The joint investigative commission released the findings of its investigation into the mysterious series of explosions that ripped through General Shipyards' Vehicle Assembly Building № 3 three months ago today. The two page report concluded, contrary to initial statements, that there was no evidence of sabotage and that the explosion appeared to be due to equipment failure resulting in simultaneous discharge of liquid hydrogen and oxygen, which was detonated by sparks from a short circuit in a flux welding unit which had been inadvertently left on at the end of the evening work shift.

Public attention had been riveted on the investigation since it was revealed that the explosions had seriously set back the production of L-hyd drop tanks, equipment necessary to the opening of the high-capacity commercial service between Regina subsector and the Interior.

An initial public statement by Naval Commander Lobeck hault-Donosev, the former project-liaison officer, had suggested Ine Givar terrorist involvement in the incident, and had mentioned Ine Givar activity on both Efate (Regina 0105) and Feri (Regina 0405). A subsequent Naval Counter-Intelligence press release denied any Ine Givar activity on Efate, Feri, or Forboldn (Regina 0208).

When the Naval Counter-Intelligence representative on the joint commission, Lieutenant Artura Gramlyn, was questioned about the inclusion of the planet Forboldn in the denial statement, he replied "Well, there isn't any Ine Givar activity on Forboldn. There isn't any Ine Givar anywhere in the Subsector. We are familiar with all Ine Givar activity, and there isn't any."

Regina/Regina (0310 A788899-A) 274-1105

The Traveller's Aid Society regrets to announce the indefinite closing of its class A facility on Efate (Regina 0105-A646930-D) and the posting of that world as an amber travel zone. Gutted during a recent firefight in the administrative capital, there are no immediate plans to repair the facility until civil order has been restored on Efate.

In the event that travel to Efate is necessary, a society travel agent remains on duty and can be reached through the offices of the Oberlindes lines at Down-Franklin Starport. Travellers are advised however, to avoid travel to this world if at all possible.

Dentus/Regina (0601 C979500-A) 361-1105

Word was received today that two weeks ago the Imperial Battle cruiser Adamdun mistakenly engaged and destroyed the merchant craft Bloodwell of the Oberlindes Line. The Bloodwell, according to the crew of the battle cruiser, was not showing its ID transponder signal and would not answer broad-beam hails. The Bloodwell was under full acceleration, and after it refused to change vector in response to laser warning fire, it was engaged by high-G missile fire and destroyed. A subsequent (and unsuccessful) search for survivors resulted in the identification of the ship.

Oberlindes Lines officials called the story "an obvious cover-up of a tragic display of incompetence." and claimed that the Bloodwell's ID transponder had just undergone its annual maintenance check, and could not have failed to function. As in all commercial vessels, the ID transponder was supposedly tamper-proof, and are could not have been turned off by the crew. Legal action is expected.

Regina/Regina (0310 A788899-A) 004-1106

The Traveller's Aid Society has obtained an exclusive interview with Major Windan Lorimer, Imperial Marines (ret.), recently returned from six months of duty as a captain of auxiliaries engaged in counter-insurgency actions on Efate (Regina 0105-A646930-D).

In the interview, Major Lorimer revealed that four months ago his battalion became engaged in a firefight and subsequently captured twenty insurgents, two of which were officers. Subsequent medical examination revealed that one of the two was actually a Zhodani officer serving as an advisor to the Ine Givar cadres.

In response to queries concerning Major Lorimer's claims, Rear Admiral Lord Santanocheev, CINCNINT/RS (Commander-in-Chief, Naval Intelligence, Regina Subsector) today held a press conference during which he claimed that Naval Intelligence was convinced that there was neither Zhodani or Ine Givar involvement in the Efate disturbances.

"What we have on Efate is a local, very minor situation. We're handling it with local forces and a few mercenary contingents. If it were serious, we could commit army or marine assets. We have some very potent assets in this subsector, but we haven't felt the need to commit them. This is not a serious situation,", he reported.

When asked about the report of a Zhodani officer, Lord Santanocheev replied, "Naval Intelligence has this man in custody, and I can assure you that he is not a Zhodani officer, or a Zhodani anything. I fought the Zhodani twenty years ago in this subsector. I know the Zhodani, and this man is not a Zhodani."

When contacted afterwards, Major Lorimer refused to comment on the Admiral's remarks, beyond insisting that his original reports had been accurate.

Efate/Regina (0105 A646930-D) 148-1106

Reliable sources in the defense establishment have admitted in private that the Imperial Army's 1197th Separate Light Infantry Brigade has been engaged in counter-insurgency operations in the Vandere district of Kormoron (Efate's northern continent) for the last eight months. When asked to comment on Rear-Admiral Lord Santanocheev's recent claim that no Imperial army or marine units had been committed, they declined.

One official did explain, however, that the brigade was only employed in mopping up operations and had been inserted only to allow rotation of indigenous troops out of combat. "Once all the local units in Vandere have had a spell in the rear, the 1197th will be pulled out," he said.

Regina/Regina (0310 A788899-A) 186-1106

A spokesman for Tukera Lines announced indefinite suspension of high capacity commercial service to the Regina subsector pending outcome of the official investigation of the Trimkhana-Brilliance tragedy.

Less than a month ago, the 800-ton liner Trimkhana-Brilliance was lost with 217 lives due to a jump capacitor discharge immediately prior to jump. While all four survivors of the disaster are still under intensive medical care, interviews with the one surviving crew member indicate that the capacitor discharge may have been due to a delay in jump after full charging due to a failure of the port inboard L-Hyd drop tank to separate completely.

A Tukera Lines press release stated that a team of company engineers would be "taking a long hard look at General Shipyards' quality control standards."

In the wake of the announcement of high-capacity service suspension, General Shipyards common stock fell 34 points in the Regina exchange before exchange officials suspended trade. Oberlindes Lines stock closed up 5 ⅜.

Ruie/Regina (C776977-7) 003-1107

Military authorities in the Jingarlu army on this non-Imperial frontier world are apparently encountering difficulty hiring mercenary striker units for use along the Jingarlu-Nebelthorn border. For over a year, border tensions between the two nations have been increasing, and numerous incidents have caused the normally stormy relations between the two governments to break down altogether.

Jingarlu has often hired mercenary units from the Spinward Marches of the Imperium to beef up its border constabulary in times of tension, but such units are largely unavailable at the moment. Jingarlu authorities speculate that large scale Imperial Army hirings in the Regina subsector for use on Efate may be the cause of the shortage, but reliable Imperial sources deny that hirings have been higher than normal.

Deneb/Deneb (A000895-E) 021-1107

A message boat, two months out of date, has arrived from the Old Islands subsector with word of extensive fighting in that remote, non-Imperial region. Old Islands subsector, due to its astrographic location, has never been integrated into the Imperium. The combination of fairly uniform tech levels, aggressive trade policies, and numerous autonomous governments have traditionally made it an area of continuing instability. It now appears that the instability has erupted into open warfare.

Regina/Regina (0310 A788899-A) 054-1107

Reports over the course of the last several weeks of a marked increase in piracy in the coreward reaches of the subsector have been substantiated by Navy officials in a routine press release. In today's weekly press briefing, a naval spokesman confirmed that an unusually large amount of shipping had failed to make scheduled planet-fall and that no communications from the Kinorb Cluster had been received for over two months.

When questioned further, Public Relations Officer Lieutenant Commander Vanderheydt hault-Josephson pointed out that fewer than ten ships had been scheduled to make the little-used Kinorb-Pixie run in that period, and difficulties at Riesling Down Starport on Kinorb could easily explain the situation. However, hault-Josephson added that the Navy had not ruled out the possibility that piracy from "a source or sources unknown" could be responsible.

In response to the situation, hault-Josephson announced that the battle cruiser Agidda, until yesterday under order to join the squadron at Efate, was instead being routed to join her sister ship Adamdun in the Kinorb Cluster and report back on the situation. The dispatch of Agidda was further described as "purely precautionary."

Efate/Regina (0105 A646930-D) 078-1107

The small brushfire war that has sputtered off and on for several years on this frontier world has, within the last week, came suddenly alive. New ships are arriving in orbit daily, and Down Franklin Starport, for many months nearly empty, is now choked with a steady flow of marines and army troopers disgorged from busy fleet shuttles.

Yesterday Colonel Eitan Rahbaan, public relations officer for the newly formed Forty-Third (Provisional) Frontier Army explained in a press conference the reason for the sudden build-up and the general plan of action. The continuing protracted nature of the insurgency action on Efate had been a mounting drain on manpower resources, and had begun to sap the morale of indigenous troops. As a result, the decision was made to concentrate maximum effort to end the conflict in the shortest possible time.

Maximum effort is the only way to describe the amazing build-up that has taken place literally overnight. Already official circulars list eleven brigade-sized Imperial formations deployed on-planet, in addition to four brigades that apparently were here previously. Even now, large transports are off-loading the heavy vehicles of the well-equipped and hard-hitting 317 Air-Mechanized Brigade, and rumor has it that the build-up is still not complete.

This reporter admits to being overwhelmed by this truly impressive show of force. One can only wonder how long the stubborn but indifferently equipped insurgents on this world can hold out against the ultra-modern juggernaught Army Vice-Marshal Lord Calavan, commander of the 43rd Provisional Army, is preparing to unleash on it? Days? Hours?

Scaramouche/Harlequin (A7C6503-9) 088-1107

As the Solomani-inspired insurgency on this rim world has gradually lost popular support and has clearly been beaten militarily, the Imperial travel interdict has been lifted and Scaramouche has now been upgraded to travel zone Amber from Red. Order has been restored in all the major population centers and the Travellers' Aid Society is pleased to announce the re-opening of its class A facilities at Brogan's Down Starport. Travellers are advised to exercise caution, however, when travelling to this world as sporadic fighting still continues in rural areas and local curfew regulations are strictly enforced.

Regina/Regina (0310 A788899-A) 157-1107

The war scare in the Marches has provided an unexpected bonus for the local electronics firm of Currothers-Aljein. Psionic shields have become a popular fashion.

Psionic shield helmets have been on the market for centuries, reported Auges Currothers, senior partner of the firm. "They were popular for a brief time during the psionic suppressions back in the 800s, but they were considered to be something of an embarrassment after that," Currothers said. "Pretty soon, nobody wore them, even during the Third and Fourth Frontier Wars, but for some reason we can't keep them in stock now."

Local Imperial authorities are pleased with the trend, and suggest that it reflects a patriotic response to the threat posed by mind-reading enemy spies.

Regina/Regina (0310 A788899-A) 186-1107

The Admiralty was electrified by the reported appearance of a substantial Zhodani war fleet at Ruie (Regina 0209 C776977-7), scarcely a parsec from the sector capital. The report was carried by the detached scout/courier Wayward Dream. The crew of the Wayward Dream were quickly cloistered by Imperial Naval Intelligence and the ship placed under heavy guard in a sealed hangar bay at Luck Gibson starport. Ground crews at the starport, however, reported that the vessel showed some evidence of battle damage.

While all naval personnel at Regina Naval Base were put on full readiness, all ten heavy SDBs were launched and are rumored to be vectored toward Prometheus, the large gas giant would be a first priority target of a hostile fleet.

Representatives of the diplomatic ministry have pressured the Zhodani embassy for an explanation, but thus far Ambassador Shterbifriashav has been unavailable for comment. Although Ruie is not an Imperial world, a Zhodani fleet almost certainly have had to have violated the demilitarized zone. established after the Fourth Frontier War. Grave diplomatic repercussions are expected.


Regina/Regina (0310 A788899-A) 187-1107

The Duke of Regina, speaking through his seneschal, announced in an emergency press conference that as of 12:01 A.M. this date a formal state of war has existed between the Imperium and the Zhodani Consulate. The seneschal explained that the declaration of war was handed to him by Ambassador Shterbifriashav late last night. The seneschal declined to answer questions, stating that no further information was available at that time.

Rhylanor/Rhylanor (0306 A434934-F) 201-1107

Word has today been received by fleet courier of the invasion of Regina, the capital of the Spinward Marches. Naval spokesmen of the 212th Fleet declined to comment publicly, but in private one naval officer expressed the opinion that prolonged resistance on the world was unlikely in the event of a serious Zhodani assault.

Coming only days after receipt of the news of the outbreak of the war, news of Regina's invasion is a heavy blow to hopes of an early victory over the Zhodani. The fall of Regina could sever the main communications artery to the Jewell subsector, and seriously hinder communication with fleet elements presumed to be fighting there.

Rhylanor/Rhylanor (0306 A434934-F) 204-1107

Army Vice-Marshal Adam Lord Bryor today announced that a presumed state of war now exists between the Imperium and the Sword Worlds, following receipt of word that Lanth (Lanth 0109 A879533-B) was under attack by fleet and ground elements of that state. Characterizing the Sword Worlds' action as "a perfidious betrayal", Bryor dismissed any suggestion that Rhylanor was vulnerable to a Sword Worlds attack.

"In addition to the Imperial Marines on-planet, Rhylanor has 25 active divisions equipped to Imperial standards", Bryor explained. "Even if a Sword Worlds squadron could fight its way through Rhylanor's boats, there's no conceivable way a Sword Worlds army could gain a foothold on-planet. Since Rhylanor is one of the foci for naval reinforcement from Deneb sector, a Sword Worlds fleet would be courting disaster to strike here."

When questioned as to possible plans to retake Lanth, 212th Fleet spokesmen suggested that no such operation was likely to be undertaken in the near future, as most naval assets would probably be concentrated for an attempt to relieve the 43rd Provisional Army along with its supporting naval squadron, at Efate (Regina 0105-A646930-D).

Rhylanor/Rhylanor (0306 A434934-F) 204-1107

The Travellers' Aid Society issued a travellers' advisory, declaring the entire Spinward Marches sector an amber zone until further notice.

Rhylanor/Rhylanor (0306 A434934-F) 206-1107

The local branch of the IISS Detached Duty Office issued orders requiring all detached scout personnel in the Spinward Marches and Corridor subsectors controlling surplus scout vessels and all other retired scout personnel under the age of 66 to report to the nearest scout base for examination.

All scout vessels will be armed and re-fitted for service in scout squadrons attached to the Navy. All retired personnel in suitable physical condition will be inducted into service for the duration of the emergency in accordance with established procedures.

Failure to report for examination during a state of emergency is treason, and a maximum sentence of death may be exacted upon conviction.

Rhylanor/Rhylanor (0306 A434934-F) 210-1107

The Travellers Aid Society announced today that, contrary to rumor, all representatives of the Regina branch of the Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society are safe.

"All but a skeleton news-gathering staff has been withdrawn from the system as a safety measure," a society spokesperson said, "but we will continue full coverage of the war as it develops."

Regina/Regina (0310 A788899-A) 212-1107

The office of the Duke announced that his Grace Norris, Duke of Regina, has been stricken with a variant form of pneumonic virus and has transferred the routine functions of state to a nominee pending his recovery. The brief statement by the Duke's seneschal was made during the regularly scheduled news conference, and no questions were permitted.

Speculation that the Duke has been deposed by rival power factions within the Navy is reported unfounded.

Regina/Regina (0310 A788899-A) 214-1107

Strong Zhodani advances on Louzy and Efate are reported to have been beaten back by Imperial forces late last month. Conflicting reports have prompted the Admiralty to institute a policy of monitoring news releases and rating their accuracy. The ratings for these reports was termed excellent.

Rhylanor/Rhylanor (0306 A434934-F) 243-1107

Long quiescent, the Ine Givar terrorist organization seems to be taking advantage of the dislocation caused by the current war to increase their activities. In addition to reports of activity throughout the war zone, in recent months the Ine Givar have been implicated in numerous acts of destruction and sabotage, including (most recently) the disappearance of the merchant ship Harun-al-Rashid, now six weeks overdue from Equus (Lanth 0807), an explosion and fire in scout base facilities at Meleto (Mora 0407), and the release of a deadly viral toxin into the water supply of the Imperial Naval installation at Bendor (Glisten 0706).

Spokesmen for Naval Intelligence refused to comment on speculation that the Ine Givar might be receiving support from the Zhodani or their allies. A high-placed source, however, said that the possibility of Zhodani or Sword World financial support cannot be discounted.

The most famous pre-war act of terrorism attributed to the Ine Givar took place on Efate (Regina) early in 1105. Until now, no acts have taken place which could be directly attributed to the Ine Givar with the possible exception of the explosion in General Shipyard's Pixie Facility (Regina 0303) later in that same year.

Turedad/Lanth (0804 C465540-9) 251-1107

Authorities on this agricultural world have announced the discovery and arrest of a number of "sleeper" agents in high places in the planetary government. A press release issued by Naval Intelligence did not reveal names, but said that the agents were citizens of the Sword Worlds, disguised as locals, who had apparently spent years (in one case decades) working their way unobtrusively into the highest councils of the planetary government.

According to the press release, the agents were to break the vital jump-1 route to Regina and the war zone by turning the world against the Imperium, and destroying or impounding supply vessels on their way to the front.

No information is available on how the "sleepers" were discovered. The press release explains that Naval Intelligence does not wish to compromise Imperial agents in Zhodani or Sword Worlds territory.

Regina/Regina (0310 A788899-A) 268-1107

OFFICIAL RELEASE 46-268-1107: Notwithstanding current military conditions, landing operations or other activity not specifically sanctioned by the Imperial Naval Department will not be tolerated at the following worlds: Pscias (Regina 0506), Shionthy (Regina 0706)), Algine (Regina 0708), Victoria (Lanth 0207), Ylaven (Lanth 0306), Sonthert(Lanth 0308), Djinni (Lanth 0501), and Grant (Jewell 0807).

Subordinate authority for such landings or operations is delegated to fleet commanders when there is incontrovertible evidence that enemy forces have landed on such worlds or intend to do so.

Violations of this directive will be severely dealt with.

By order Santanocheev, Sector Admiral.

Regina/Regina (0306 A788889-A) 302-1107

The office of the Duke denied reports that His Grace Norris, Duke of Regina, had died of a rare form of lung infection. Although declining to answer questions on the Duke's condition, or to reveal the Duke's whereabouts, a spokesman for the Duke's seneschal stated that His Grace was in a safe location, and was recovering rapidly.

Rhylanor/Rhylanor (0306 A434934-F) 362-1107

Unconfirmed reports of the fall of Kinorb (Regina 0602) and Yorbund (Regina 0703) systems to Vargr forces allied with the Zhodani were received today.

The office of Army Vice-Marshal Adam Lord Bryor declined to comment on these reports other than to say that fighting in these two systems continues.

Rhylanor/Rhylanor (0306 A434934-F) 014-1108

In a press release made available today, the Admiralty has classified the following systems as combat zones:

Dentus (Regina 0601), Kinorb (Regina 0602), Yorbund (Regina 0703), Yres (Regina 0202), Pixie (Regina 0303), Boughene (Regina 0304)), Uakye (Regina 0205), Whanga (Regina 0206), Knorbes (Regina 0207), Forboldn (Regina 0208), Hefry (Regina 0309), Ruie (Regina 0209), Regina (Regina 0310), Jenghe (Regina 0210), Extolay (Lanth 0101), Lanth (Lanth 0109), D'Ganzio (Lanth 0310), Phlume (Vilis 0801), Denotam (Vilis 0603), Edinina (Vilis 0403), 728-907 (Vilis 0404), Frenzie (Vilis 0306), Saurus (Vilis 0510), Asgard (Vilis 0709)), and Tavonni (Vilis 0710).

The Admiralty declined comment at this time on the progress of the war, or to issue any reports of losses.

Regina/Regina (0310 A788899-A) 035-1108

In a recorded statement to the press today, Admiral Santanocheev announced that Yorbund (Regina 0703) has fallen to Vargr forces after a long, hard-fought battle. Most Imperial and colonial forces were successfully withdrawn from the system.

Admiral Santanocheev's statement went on to announce the fall of Ruby (Jewell 0205), Emerald (Jewell 0206), and Lysen (Jewell 0507)) to Zhodani forces, but added that fighting continues on Jewell and other worlds of the subsector, as well as on Kinorb (Regina 0602).

A representative of the Imperial Navy declined to comment when asked if this fighting involved regular fleet or ground forces. Observers have speculated that some Imperial units have been badly mauled in the Jewell subsector, and their remnants have joined with local forces to fight a guerilla war in that subsector.

Aramis/Aramis (0710 A6B0556-B) 122-1108

Equipment, records, and personnel of Imperial Research Station Beta are reported by unofficial sources to have been evacuated from Yori (Regina 0510), and are now said to be under heavy guard somewhere in the Aramis system. The station will almost certainly be reopened, but it is not known where the station will be relocated, or when it will resume operations.

No information is available on the fate of Imperial Research Station Delta, located on Retinae (Querion 0406). While the exact nature of station Delta's research is classified, the information in such stations is in the forefront of Imperial technology, and thus is extremely interesting to other powers.

Equus/Lanth (0807-B55A858-B S) 204-1108

Equus authorities have learned that the disappearance of the merchant vessel Harun-al-Rashid was due to barratry, not terrorism as had been originally suspected. Testifying in admiralty court today, in return for immunity from prosecution, the navigator of the vessel stated that he, along with the captain and engineer, wrecked the ship after surreptitiously selling its ship's cargo. The crew, transferred off the vessel before it was set on a collision course with an outsystem planetoid, were offered a cut of the profits to keep quiet.

The two officers were convicted on the basis of the navigator's testimony, and were each sentenced to 25 years on Equus' penal island. Charges against the ship's navigator were dropped.

Bendor/Glisten (0706 A756656-C) 228-1108

An Imperial Naval Intelligence spokesman, in a press release issued today, announced the interception and arrest of an Ine Givar cash courier. The courier was transporting an undisclosed amount of money in the form of precious stones. Intended to finance local terrorist activities, the stones are rumored to be worth in excess of cr25,000,000.

The release stated that the stones were of Sword Worlds origin, although no definite proof of the culpability of the Confederation government was discovered. The Sword Worlds government has been suspected of financing Ine Givar activity for many years.

Rhylanor/Rhylanor (0306 A434934-F) 338-1108

The TNS has just reports that Heya (Regina 0802) and Beck's World (Regina 0604) have fallen to Vargr forces. This information was obtained from an anonymous, highly-placed source.

The Office of Naval Intelligence declined to comment, and Army Vice-Marshal Adam Lord Bryor could not be reached.

Regina/Regina (0310 A788899-A) 362-1108

The office of Admiral Santanocheev announced to the press that Mirriam (Vilis 0505) and Calit (Vilis 0705) have fallen to overwhelming Zhodani forces. It was further announced that communications with the naval bases at Denotam (Vilis 0603) and Frenzie (Vilis 0306) have been cut off due to fighting in those systems.

The officer reading the announcement declined to comment further, or to answer any questions on the progress of the war.

Regina/Regina (0310 A788899-A) 021-1109

In a recorded message to the press, the office of Admiral Lord Santanocheev announced that the Naval Base at Ghandi (Lanth 0205) is under attack by Zhodani naval and ground forces, including several units of the elite Zhodani Consular Guard. The statement indicated that the garrison at Ghandi had recently been reinforced because of the Zhodani presence at Calit (Vilis 0705).

This announcement has fuelled speculation that a major Zhodani push is underway, with Rhylanor as its most likely target. If Ghandi falls, it will be a major blow to the Imperial war effort, possibly a fatal one.

Regina/Regina (0310 A788899-A) 029-1109

Operation Iedshrpr, several months in secret preparation, was launched by elements of the Imperial Navy's Corridor Fleet in a drive to break the siege of Efate and force back the Zhodani forces currently operating in Regina subsector.

Commander Aia Resortin, fleet press officer, stated, "Admiral Santanocheev has planned a brilliant campaign for the relief of Efate. Denial of Efate to the Zhodani means denial of the whole subsector. This operation is the turning point of the war."

Regrettably, the meeting was cut short by a Zhodani hit-and-run raid, which partially damaged some buildings, but had no other effect.

Inthe/Regina (0810 B575776-9) 059-1109

A ship from Imperial Scout Squadron 497 (recently based at Jewell) arrived at Inthe after successfully running the Zhodani blockade. Military security would not permit interviews with its crew, but a statement was later issued that Jewell has not fallen, and continues to defend against Zhodani attacks.

Kinorb/Regina (0602 A663659-5) 083-1109

Operations against the Vargr force invading Yorbund and Heya achieved a considerable success recently. It was announced today that Battle Squadron 203 and several cruiser squadrons, under Vice-Admiral Elphinstone, were able to destroy a Vargr battle squadron after a prolonged engagement.

Having regained orbital supremacy of the world, the Imperial 85th Infantry Field Army was moved in to secure the surface of Heya.

Lanth/Lanth (0109 A879533-B) 096-1108

Only days after the Imperial 193 Fleet left Lanth for a reported assembly of Sword World forces at Tavonni, the Sword Worlders appeared in the Lanth system and immediately began landing forces. Local resistance was fierce, but futile.

The return of the Imperial fleet after failing to find the enemy at Tavonni, however, caught the Sword Worlders by surprise, and resulted in severe losses to the enemy. Imperial forces continue to mop up in the Lanth system.

Lanth/Lanth (0109 A879533-B) 096-1109

Only days after the Imperial 193rd fleet left Lanth for a reported assembly of Sword World forces at Tavonni the Sword Worlders appeared in the Lanth system and immediately began landing forces. Local resistance was fierce, but futile.

The return of the Imperial fleet after failing to find the enemy in Tavinni, however, caught the Sworld Worlders by surprise, and resulted in severe losses to the enemy. Imperial forces continue to mop up in the Lanth system.

Beck's World/Regina (0604 B883349-D) 122-1109

The last remnants of the Vargr battle fleet from Yorbund were run down and destroyed in the Beck's World system today. Although all enemy forces are not yet accounted for, Vice-Admiral Elphinstone's staff was optimistic that the threat from the Vargr forces has been countered.

Rhylanor/Rhylanor (0306 A434934-F) 128-1109

Dispatches received from Regina indicate that a major Imperial raid against Zhodani military and industrial installations at Ninjar (Chronor 0608) has been accomplished by means of secret caches at the old Imperial naval base in the Quar system (Chronor 0808).

No further details are available at this time.


Regina/Regina (0310 A788899-A) 132-1109

In a terse communiqué, his Grace the Duke of Regina announced that Admiral Lord Santanocheev has been relieved of command immediately. Acting with the authority of an Imperial Warrant, the Duke has taken personal command of the 1st Provisional Fleet.

Members of the Duke's staff declined to comment further other than to confirm that the change of command has taken place. Nothing is known as to the reasons for Santanocheev's relief, or his present whereabouts.

Rhylanor/Rhylanor (0306 A434934-F) 147-1109(DELAYED)

Imperial naval forces and attached army and marine units have retaken Calit (Vilis 0705), according to a highly placed source at the Admiralty. News of the victory was delayed because the local commander did not feel he could spare any vessels to carry the news out of system until recently.

No reports of the battle, or of any casualties among the forces involved are available.

Lanth/Lanth (0109 A879533-B) 241-1109

The commander of the Imperial 193 Fleet has officially declared the mopping up of Sword World forces in the Lanth system to be complete, after months of heavy fighting.

"Reports of atrocities against the civilian populace are unfounded," the fleet public relations officer declared in a press release, "The enemy forces were too heavily involved in fighting us to be able to have committed any crimes against the locals." The officer went on to note that rumors of atrocities are common after any battle, because of the high degree of emotion generated.

No information is available on casualties, either military or civilian, but a highly placed source indicated that 193 Fleet has requested large numbers of ground reinforcements, indicating heavy casualties, at least in its ground forces.

Porozlo/Rhylanor (0305 A867A74-A) 231-1109

According to unofficial reports, a major battle is taking place at Rhylanor, involving both fleet and planetary elements of Imperial and colonial forces.

Porozlo/Rhylanor (0305 A867A74-A) 239-1109

Informed sources have revealed that major fleet and ground forces arrived in this system last night, and are presently refueling and refitting for immediate transfer to Rhylanor, to reinforce Imperial forces there.


Kinorb/Regina (0602 A663659-5) 252-1109

All Vargr forces allied with the Outworld Coalition have been instructed by their supreme commander to cease hostilities and surrender to the Imperial military or present themselves to a neutral power for internment. Unconfirmed rumor states the Vargr forces have withdrawn from the Coalition, and are now negotiating a separate peace agreement.

Speculation is rampant in all governmental circles as to the ramifications of this action, both with regard to the war and with regard to post-war policies in the Vargr Extents.

Rhylanor/Rhylanor (0306 A434934-F) 310-1109

Rumors continue to circulate concerning a major assault by Imperial forces in the near future. No single objective is noted in any of these rumors, and official sources have refused to comment on any of the rumors, but experts believe that an attempted relief of Jewell is in the offing.

Rhylanor/Rhylanor (0306 A434934-F) 312-1109

The battles for Rhylanor are over. In an official press release dated today, the Imperial Navy announced that enemy action in-system had ceased, with the exception of minor engagements in the outer fringes.

"Mopping up of these forces is proceeding apace," one official stated off the record.

Rhylanor/Rhylanor (0306 A434934-F) 348-1109

A major Zhodani task force was badly mauled in the attempt to retake the Calit system (which was liberated by Imperial forces earlier this year.) Enemy forces were "dealt a serious blow" in the words of one officer. Imperial and Colonial forces in the Calit system were evidently heavily reinforced after the battle to retake the system.

No information is available concerning the battle or any casualties among the forces involved.

Arden/Vilis (0201 C5549CB-8) 004-1110

A short and bloodless coup on Arden has replaced the local pro-Zhodani government with a pro-Imperial coalition representing commercial interests both on and off-world. Unofficial sources indicate that the coup was because of the war's detrimental effects on trade in the region.

No further information is available at this time.

Rhylanor/Rhylanor (0306 A434934-F) 010-1110

Admiral Lord Santanocheev, former commander of Imperial forces during the current hostilities, is reported by unofficial sources to have requested a formal board of inquiry into the reasons for his recent relief.

The details of the Admiral's relief from command remain unknown, as does the exact whereabouts of the Admiral himself.

Rhylanor/Rhylanor (0306 A434934-F) 023-1110

After months of speculation by informed sources, the Admiralty revealed that a major operation to relieve Jewell has been undertaken by combined Imperial and Colonial forces.

No further data is available.

Rhylanor/Rhylanor (0306 A434934-F) 039-1110

The public relations office of the Imperial Navy refused to deny or to confirm rumors of Zhodani atrocities against the citizens of Ruby and Emerald during the recent occupation of those worlds.


Quar/Chronor (0808-B532720-B) 099-1110

In a joint press release, the Zhodani Consulate and the Imperial Admiralty announced that an armistice is in effect as of 120-1110 Imperial reckoning. All hostilities are to cease, and all belligerents are to remain in their positions as of the above date.

The press release went on to announce that negotiations for the cessation of hostilities have begun on Quar. Imperial officials declined to comment further on the announcement.

Rhylanor/Rhylanor (0306-A434934-F) 143-1110

Despite a few minor incidents, the armistice between Zhodani and Imperial forces is holding, and negotiations are proceeding. All reporters have been excluded from the negotiations, at the request of the chief Zhodani negotiator.

No further information is available.

Rhylanor/Rhylanor (0306-A434934-F) 146-1110

Admiral Lord Santanocheev, who has been out of sight since for several months after his relief from command, made a brief appearance today at an Admiralty news conference to announce that regardless of the outcome of the inquiry into his conduct of the war he intends to retire at the end of the year.

The Admiral declined to answer questions at the end of his short announcement, which was quite unexpected. This is the Admiral's first public appearance since his relief from command.

Rhylanor/Rhylanor (0306-A434934-F) 160-1110

Rumors persist of Zhodani atrocities against citizens of Ruby and Emerald during the recent occupation of those worlds. No first hand accounts of the occupation have been made available, as access to these worlds (indeed, to all worlds occupied during the recent hostilities) is restricted.

Dentus/Regina (0601-C979500-A) 166-1110

A small force of Vargr raiders today struck an outlying outpost in this system, killing three and wounding another seven. It is believed that the raiders are the remnants of a former military unit, now renegades, since the primary purpose of the raid seemed to be to acquire supplies and spare parts for starships.

A spokesman for the Admiralty stated that such raids are to be expected since a number of Vargr units refused to surrender, and evidently intend to continue hostilities. Forces from Vice-Admiral Elphinstone's command have been detached to run down and destroy the renegades.

Quar/Chronor (0808-B532720-B) 360-1110

In separate announcements issued today, the Imperium and the Zhodani Consulate announced the cessation of hostilities between all belligerents, to begin on 001-1111. Borders will be returned to the status quo ante bellum, and all military forces have begun their withdrawal from opposing territories.

Despite the fact that neither side achieved territorial gains, both the Imperium and the Zhodani Consulate are claiming victory in their announcements. The Fifth Frontier War is over.

Dentus/Regina (0601-C979500-A) 362-1110

A spokesman for the naval forces under command of Vice-Admiral Elphinstone stated today that a number of Vargr renegades are still at large in the Spinward Marches, despite the best efforts of the Navy to hunt down and destroy them. These renegades are remnants of military units which did refused to surrender upon the withdrawal of the Vargr from the war.

A spokesman reports that 90% of the Vargr forces have been dealt with, but admits that a small core remains to threaten shipping in the region.

Lanth/Lanth (0109 A879533-B) 004-1111

Usually reliable sources in the Imperial government made available a report revealing that, in the last weeks before the signing of a separate peace between the Imperium and the Sword Worlds, several deep-penetration raids severely damaged major naval installations and manufacturing capacity on the industrial worlds of Gram and Sacnoth.

The Imperial government reportedly rejected requests from Sword World negotiators for financial and technical assistance in rebuilding the ruined facilities.

Dentus/Regina (0601 C979500-A) 032-1111

Vice-Admiral Elphinstone's staff announced that the last members of a small group of Vargr renegades remain at large in the Spinward Marches. Approximately 20 Vargr and two starships escaped capture and eluded pursuing forces after the destruction of a hidden resupply base, located on a small planetoid in the outer orbit of the Heya system (Regina 0802).

"The vessels were unarmed transports," reported Captain Bolinghurst of the Admiral's staff, "and pose no serious threat to shipping. Despite this, the Regina subsector remains under martial law until we can kill or capture the last of these criminals."

Quar/Chronor (0808 B532720-B) 092-1111

Imperium and Zhodani Consulate emissaries formally closed their conference today, after having overseen the administration of the cessation of hostilities between all belligerents which began 001-1111.

All military forces have been withdrawn to behind their respective pre-war borders. All colonial forces have returned to their home worlds. Selected Imperial military forces will remain active to deal with various renegade military personnel.

"This is not uncommon after a war," a spokesman for the Admiralty stated. "Some personality types get so keyed up that it takes them time to settle down again. Anyway, a lot of these people were criminals before the war, and are simply returning to their old occupation with some new equipment."

The Imperial government has declared Regina, Jewell, and Lanth subsectors to be amber travel zones. All other Imperial territories in the Spinward Marches revert to their pre-war travel classifications.

Dentus/Regina (0601 C979500-A) 263-1111

A group of renegade Vargr operating as freebooters in the Spinward Marches continues to elude capture. Despite reassurances by Naval spokesmen that they pose no serious threat to shipping in the region, insurance rates for vessels operating in the sector remain at war levels.

A representative of Hortalez et Cie (which underwrites a major fraction of mercantile security policies in the sector) agreed to comment briefly when questioned about this. Although no ships have been lost to the renegades since the destruction of their supply base in the Heya system, Hortalez feels that "a number of unexplained or incompletely explained disappearances have given us cause for some concern."

Asked if they felt the Imperial Navy was not doing its job properly, the Hortalez spokesman responded: "We believe that the navy is doing all that can be reasonably expected under the circumstances. We are merely exercising caution until it is verified that the renegades have been dealt with. This action is not a reflection on the Navy. We are merely acting in the best interests of our stockholders by keeping our risks at a minimum."

Dentus/Regina (0601 C979500-A) 063-1112

Informed sources leaked information indicating that the group of renegade Vargr has probably fled the Spinward Marches for parts unknown. Several alleged members of the group were captured late last year when they tried to hijack a merchant ship near here. They have been held incommunicado since then.

Admiralty public relations officer Captain Gaviin Ammern refused to comment on why the capture of some of the renegades has been kept secret for so long.

Quar/Chronor (0808 B532720-B) 092-1112

In an official announcement issued today, the Imperial government formally declared all worlds in the Regina, Jewell, and Lanth subsectors to have reverted to their pre-war travel classifications.

With this proclamation, the last of the emergency proclamations promulgated during the recent war are withdrawn, and life in the Marches returns to normal.

Regina/Regina (0310 A788899-A) 102-1112

A dispatch from Terra/Sol (0207-A867A69-F) dated 121-1111 reads: "The first known victim known to survive direct exposure to hyperspace arrived at Terra today, suffering from what medical experts are calling 'Hyperspace sickness'. Naval Commander Ansel Churner, an engineering officer on his way to retirement on Prometheus, is being held in strict quarantine until specialists can determine the specific effects the exposure will have. Doctors working on the case are quoted as saying that preliminary tests indicate that Cdr. Churner is in good condition, but is not mobile."

"Three members of the engineering department on the Tyrol, a Rome, Inc. luxury liner, were killed. Circumstances of their deaths have not been released at this time."

Admiralty spokesmen at Regina refused to comment on the dispatch.

Regina/Regina (0310 A788899-A) 140-1112

A dispatch from Terra/Sol (0207-A867A69-F) dated 130-1111 reads: "The Starship Accident Inspection Team (SAIT) of Australia Down Starport has been officially relieved of its duties in the inspection of the Tyrol, a Rome, Inc. luxury liner which suffered mysterious damage while in hyperspace en route to this world. The Naval Attache to Terra, Captain Winston of Duncanhood, Earl of Lardher, officially relieved the SAIT and replaced them with his own team of specialists, including a number of civilian representatives from the Beta Draconis Industries. Heavy security measures, including marine guards, have been implemented, and all access to the Tyrol has been cut off to other observers.

"Meanwhile, medical specialists at the Demosthenes Naval Hospital have confirmed the gradual recovery of Commander Churner from the almost total loss of equilibrium he suffered as a result of exposure to hyperspace."

Regina/Regina (0310 A788899-A) 142-1112

A dispatch from Terra/Sol (0207-A867A69-F) dated 142-1112 reads: "The remains of three engineering crew who were killed in the mysterious mishap on board the Tyrol were identified as First Mate Jerrence Willan of Hell/Sol, Second Mate Elizabeth Maeer of Prometheus, and Cargo Specialist Albaret Michaelsson of Terra/Sol. Their remains are being held pending the conclusion of medical investigation, after which they will be released to their families."